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There are a wide variety of window styles you can install around your home. Here we highlight the four window styles that will give your home a modern flare despite some of them having a long history.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are traced back to the mansions of the English Renaissance. Now, they have made a trendy comeback in a big way.

Bay windows are commonly found in living rooms or behind the kitchen sink. The extra space created can be used for entertaining guests, if your bay windows are built with a seat board, or for more decoration.

When installing this style of window, there is traditionally an existing overhang that acts as a roof. If there is no overhang, one can be easily built.

Bow Windows

Also known as Oriel windows, the bow style was first made popular in 15th-century Great Britain. You will see this style of window frequently used in old manors and even some castles.

Bow windows share some similarities with the bay window; the bow style also introduces an indoor seat board and can utilize an exterior overhang for seamless installation. The gentle curvature created from the 4-6 separate windowpanes, is how bow windows differentiate themselves. 

Garden Windows

Garden windows do not hold the same rich history as our previously mentioned window styles. Instead, this style is making an interesting comeback from when it was first popular in the 80s and 90s.

Homeowners tend to have these types of windows installed above their kitchen sinks to create an indoor garden of sorts. As younger homeowners have shown an interest in being "plant parents" or attempting an herb garden, the desire for a garden window seems to be trending again. 

Picture Windows

When you live in Hawaii, why wouldn't you want a clear view of your outdoor surroundings?

Whether the view outside your home is a lush green backyard or a mountain range, the best way to fully enjoy your view is with beautiful large picture windows. The key component of this window style is the large pane of glass used because it gives an unobstructed, beautiful view.

Choose Your Window Style

We know "modern flare" can mean anything, so we'll explain how these four window styles can freshen up your home's look.


  • Creates a focal point.
  • Makes small spaces feel larger.
  • Brings in a higher volume of natural light.
  • Adds decoration-friendly space.

No matter what style you gravitate toward, the unique aesthetic of bay, bow, garden, and picture windows will help your home better reflect your specific taste.

It’s important to make the right home improvement decisions, especially in the unique Hawaiian environment. Contact Diamond Head Windows & Doors today to learn more!

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