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Your home’s windows may not be the first thing you notice from the interior or exterior, but they contribute much to the overall aesthetic. So if your windows are damaged, drafty, or simply no longer in style, there’s no time like the present to call a window contractor. Diamond Head Windows & Doors is pleased to be the top choice among homeowners in Honolulu, Hawaii, who need stylish, hardwearing replacement windows. If you’re one of them, we’d be happy to add you to our long list of satisfied customers!

Why Choose Diamond Head Replacement Windows?

No matter which types of windows you’re considering for your home’s window installation, you’re in good hands with Diamond Head. The replacement windows we install are beautiful, easy to operate, fully guaranteed, and best of all, they can deliver a sustainable return on your investment. Here’s why they stand out:

  • All of our windows are made to order to your exact measurements.
  • Our selection includes many popular house window styles, including double-hung, slider, and bay styles.
  • You can design your windows with numerous customization options for the glass, hardware, grille pattern, and more.
  • These windows include energy-efficient glass to help insulate your home.
  • We handle all of the measuring and installation ourselves.
  • We use only the best quality products.

Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows

What makes a window energy efficient? If your windows don’t already have insulating features, they’re likely allowing warm air to move freely to and from your home—which can affect your indoor temperatures. This is an occurrence called thermal transfer, and the replacement windows we install are designed to minimize it. They feature dual-pane glass systems with argon gas fills between the panes to create a layer of insulation that prevents thermal transfer, and their low-emissivity coatings also protect your home’s interior and furniture from harmful UV rays.

Get Started Today

Ready to upgrade your Honolulu home with replacement windows designed to look good and last a long time in the Hawaii weather? Contact Diamond Head Windows & Doors today to learn more and get a free estimate.

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Our 27 windows were installed in 3 days and we could not be more satisfied.
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