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HR-011716-Diamond-Head-Windows-1How can you make your home more comfortable during a heat wave? Install energy-efficient, dual-pane windows.

The majority of incoming heat in the average home comes from your windows and sliding doors. Just put your hand against the glass and feel the heat being generated.

Tinting provides some relief from heat and UV light, but often these treatments discolor and bubble over time and alter your view with the darker color.

The solution is to install dual-pane glass with Argon gas between the panes. Diamond Head Windows offers Triple Coat LowE coating, the most efficient in blocking incoming heat and Ultra violet light.

These windows surpass the Energy Star government requirements by 35 to 40 percent and qualify for Federal tax rebates.

These windows and doors block 95 percent of harmful UV light (that can fade your drapes, carpets, hardwood floors and artwork and photos in your home.

While one solution to the heat is to install blinds or shutters, this ends up blocking your view, cutting natural light in your home and will make your home appear smaller, as your sight lines stop at the walls.

The Amerimax dual-pane window system, exclusively offered by Diamond Head Windows, will save up to 35 percent of your electrical bill when you run your air conditioner. This is for two reasons:

First, the glass package blocks the majority of the radiant heat coming into the home through the windows and doors, lowering the temperature four to five degrees on hot days.

Second, the Amerimax windows are virtually airtight when closed, keeping the cool air that your A/C generates inside your home and not out into the neighborhood.

Take advantage of its year-end sales to get the best price on energy-efficient windows and doors so that you are prepared for next summer. You may find that the Amerimax windows and doors are enough to beat the heat, even without air conditioning.

Call the company today for a free estimate and consultation. Beat the heat as well as improve the appearance, security and comfort of your home.

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