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There comes a time when it’s time to say goodbye to your old windows and have a professional install new ones for you. If you think you might be ready to replace the windows in your home but aren’t sure if the time is right, keep reading!

Windows Jam and Stick 

If you notice that your windows jam and stick when you try to either open or close them, this is a sign they may need to be replaced. Windows that are older often become harder to open and close because they wear out and experience different kinds of balance issues. These issues often become worse over time, until it is difficult to open or close the window at all.

Let Cold or Warm Air In

If you notice that the area around your windows is substantially colder or warmer than other parts of your home, this is a sign they aren't insulating your home as well as they should. You are likely spending more on your heating and cooling bills to compensate for the extra warm or cool air that’s leaking in, which is definitely not something you want to do. Replacing your older windows with newer ones that are thicker and better insulated will help to reduce these costs for you. 

Moisture Between Panes

If you notice that you have a buildup of moisture between your window panes, this may indicate that your windows are no longer sealed off like they need to be. This condensation will often remain in your windows for long periods of time and can cause issues with mold. Replacing your windows will ensure that the threat of mold is no longer an issue for you. 

Unable to Lock or Secure Your Windows Properly

Unfortunately, burglaries and crime have been on the rise in Oahu. By upgrading your windows, you'll be able to rest assured that your windows are safe and secure and will help to protect your family and property from potential break-ins.

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