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The Diamond Head Windows family has been installing windows and doors for the past 29 years in a variety of applications and environments. The company has operated in Hawaii since 2008 and has embraced the needs of Hawaiian homeowners, providing doors and windows that will stand up to the state’s unique environment.

Diamond Head Windows is pleased to announce that in coordination with one of the top window manufacturers in the U.S., the company has created a new window and door system for Hawaii — the Leahi All-Climate window system.


What makes Leahi unique?

Manufactured by a Consumer Report’s top-rated window manufacturer with 67 years of manufacturing experience, Diamond Head Windows has created a window and warranty package that is unmatched in Hawaii.

The warranty is double lifetime, meaning that if you sell your home, the new owner or recipient also will get a full lifetime warranty. Further, the warranty not only includes the frames and glass, but also includes hardware and screens, something no other manufacturer will offer in Hawaii, based on the company’s remote location and heavy salt content. The warranty also includes lifetime accidental glass breakage coverage.


Screens. These are an afterthought for most Mainland manufacturers as many Mainland consumers rely on heating and air conditioning and don’t have the elements to contend with that Hawaii does. That is why your existing screens are hard to remove, with plastic tabs that break off easily. Diamond Head Windows has beefed up the screens for both windows and sliding doors and incorporated a pull rail so that they can easily be removed from inside your home, even on the second floor.

And the best part? They have a lifetime warranty if they need replacing.

Hardware. The Leahi doors and windows come standard with stainless steel hardware and rollers for ease of operation for the life of your home. Even stainless steel can corrode in Hawaii, so Diamond Head Windows offers the full double lifetime warranty on hardware as well. That includes labor, covered by the manufacturer, so that even if the local distributor goes out of business, you are still covered.

Glass. Leahi windows and doors have Energy Star-rated, dual-pane glass with Argon gas, ready to provide the island’s best protection from heat and UV light. They also include NEAT glass that you have seen advertised on TV. Water sheets off for easy cleaning and maintenance. They’re also available in double strength or triple strength glass and a variety of obscure glass options.

Service. The company’s Leahi windows are installed by a trained staff; no sub-contractors to ensure your windows look great and last a lifetime. Should you ever need help, Diamond Head Windows has a full-service department should you ever need help, from a broken window to any operational issue. The company’s installation and service is top rated from companies like the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, Yelp, along with a feature in Honolulu Star-Advertiser’s “Hawaii Best” issue. Diamond Head Windows recently was named the top service provider in Hawaii from

Find out for yourself what makes the Leahi Window and Diamond Head Windows your best choice for window and door replacement. Call for a free in-home consultation and estimate. Take advantage of the company’s introductory savings on Leahi, with discounts up to 45 percent.

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