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Picture Windows

Your homes windows protect your family from the elements while providing you with a great view outside. Windows can do more than that, though. They will provide a picture-perfect view, let in loads of natural light, improve the energy efficiency of your home, and insulate your rooms from outside noise, all while adding style, character, and interest to your home - both from adding curb appeal as well as the view from inside each room of your home.

One choice that can really create an impact for you while considering replacement windows is a adding a picture window. Also referred to as fixed windows, picture windows are fixed in place and they don’t open. Because picture windows don’t have moving parts that wear out over time, they’re known to outlast other window styles. And they are less expensive than similar windows that open and close.

Save on Energy Bills with Picture Windows

Picture windows are one of the most energy efficient types of windows. When the window is built, the glass is tightly sealed around the entire perimeter, virtually eliminating any chance of cold winter air entering your home or allowing heat to escape. This creates great insulation from outside noise, another added benefit of the picture window being completely sealed. And during the cold winter months, large picture windows provide solar heat gain to keep your home warmer.

Best Uses for Picture Windows

Picture windows create a dramatic focal point in any room. Popular uses of picture windows include in foyers and entryways placed above the entry door, as well as in rooms with vaulted ceilings. They are also used to frame particularly stunning property views, such as waterfront or mountain view homes. They’re even used in kitchens – when mounted under wall cabinets above the counter tops, they act as a backsplash that allows natural light and expansive views into the room. When viewed from the outside, a picture window also makes a bold statement.

Because picture windows are fixed, they don’t allow for ventilation into the room. If more air flow is desired in the room where a picture window is located, homeowners can choose to have operational windows installed on either side of it. While adding ventilation to the room, this configuration also enhances the character of the picture window.

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